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Large investment in International Science Cluster

A new Life Science cluster will be established in the vicinity of AstraZeneca’s strategic science center in Gothenburg, Sweden. Vectura Fastigheter and Next Step Group, is behind the estimated SEK 3.5 billion investment. The first companies and institutions are expected to move in as early as 2021.


(Jacob Torell, CEO Next Step Group, Susanne Ekblom, CEO Vectura Fastigheter, Jan-Olof Jacke, Sweden CEO AstraZeneca, Photo: Fredrik Persson)

The plans were presented during a press conference on Thursday along with the Mayor of Mölndal, the municipality in the Greater Gothenburg area were the new Life Science Cluster will be established. The plan is to develop 100 000 sqm of commercial space and innovative workplaces.

“This project includes so much more than new office space. The vision for this new Science Park with tomorrow’s innovative workplaces will benefit not just this area but will strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness. In Mölndal we have worked hard to promote investment and enable collaboration between different players in research, innovation and development. I am therefore very pleased that we now are on our way to make this very important Science Park a reality, "says Marie Östh Karlsson, the Mayor of Mölndal.

High ambition level Vectura Fastigheter is a long-term investor in a strong expansive phase. The parent company, Patricia Industries, is a part of Investor AB which has a strong ties to the healthcare sector, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry.

"Our objective is to develop a Life Science Cluster of the highest international standard. To succeed we will create synergies between R&D, health care providers, academics and business," says Susanne Ekblom, CEO at Vectura Fastigheter.

Extensive dialogue and close collaboration Next Step is a property developer who has gained recognition by running urban development projects with extensive dialogue, transparency and close collaboration with all stakeholders.

"We will literally be breaking new ground when we build the new Science Park. With our in-depth understanding of what both companies and working professionals demand, we will be able to offer world class competitive content. By prioritizing working professionals before buildings, we will be able to attract the world's most promising talents to Sweden and Gothenburg, "says Jacob Torell, CEO at Next Step Group.

International architectural firm The shared objective is to transform the current site and its surrounding area into a working environment of the highest standards. This in order to attract both leading companies within Life Science and the world's most promising talents to Sweden.

To achieve this, the internationally renowned Danish urban research and design consulting firm Gehl has been recruited. Gehl's work has been highlighted worldwide, not least in New York where they transformed parts of Broadway and Time Square and reclaimed the area from a traffic to people.

"The time for flashy skyscrapers with corner offices is over. Industries who dependent on innovation and creative thinking must have a working environment where experts in different areas can flourish and easily meet and interact with each other. Stanford University is a good example of why such working environments are important. The University is home to 32 Nobel Prize laureates and the campus facilities, which encourage meetings and interaction between people of different fields, has been credited as an important ingredient to their success. We want to create this type of climate for those who will work here in the future," says David Sim Creative Director at Gehl Architects.

AstraZeneca continues to play a central role in the area AstraZeneca's facility in Gothenburg is one of the company's three strategic research sites. In 2016, about SEK 15 billion was invested in research and development. The company's total R&D investments last year amounted to USD 5.9 billion (approximately SEK 48 billion).

"We strongly believe in the development of a Life Science Cluster in the region. It would provide very good opportunities to increase cross-fertilization, innovation and competitiveness. The innovation chain is important for AstraZeneca and our ambition is to be a hub of one of the world's leading Research Clusters.To succeed, it is critical for us to attract key international talents to the Gotnehburg region and have high-level cooperation. Therefore, we are very pleased that Vectura Fastigheter and Next Step share this vision and will develop a world leading Life Science Cluster, "says Jan-Olof Jacke, CEO at AstraZeneca Sweden.

Construction is planned to start in 2019 and the Science Park will be built in several phases over a ten year period. The first tenants are planned to move in 2021 and by 2030 the area is estimated to create7 000 new workplaces.

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